About the Conference


The 34th NSW Environmental Education Conference will explore the role education plays in bringing about meaningful change that protects the environment for future generations. This includes changes at household and government levels – changes from the kitchen to the Cabinet – that strengthen communities and protect nature.

This year’s program will focus on the role of education and educators in:

  • building learning pathways towards a deeper understanding of citizenship
  • improving understanding of activism in achieving a sustainable world
  • strengthening and making more explicit our collective focus on longer term change.

Please read the conference framing paper for more details.

Who should attend?

Environment and sustainability educators, environmental advocacy groups, bushcare and landcare facilitators, environmental activists, school teachers, early childhood educators, businesses, anyone who cares about our environment. We welcome attendance from young grass-roots activists and people with fresh perspectives on these long term issues.

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Want to present?

If you are interested in presenting at the conference in October, then please head over to our Call for Abstracts page.

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