Experience it yourself – Step in to the complex process of Light Energy for Food Production

What If…… Everyone in our society were Ecologically Conscious? What would that look like? What does that mean? How does it influence our daily decisions, our lifestyles and planning at every level: global, federal, state, local, institutional, organizational, family and individual? In his textbook: Celebrate Ecological Integrity: Stop Peeing into the Drinking Water (2008), Dr. Tom Puk explains that ‘ecological consciousness is a starting point. In order to face and solve the very serious challenges we have ahead of us, we will need a critical mass of ecologically literate and ecologically conscious citizens. Ecological critical mass will then cause a chain reaction of energy (in the form of ideas, principles, values, etc.) and there will be enough energy to affect societal change including changes at the political, business and industry levels. Since 2008, when I took his university course OE3 (Outdoor Ecological and Experiential Education), I have seen this critical mass building. Unfortunately though, for every amazing story about new innovations, forests being preserved and urban permaculture, there is a still a story about clear cutting and new oil drilling and spills. We still need to increase our ecological literacy and consciousness to get to the tipping point and we need to reach people from all walks of life. Macro Models are the way to reach people. They have opened my eyes to a whole new plethora of possibilities. Ecological Macro Models are outdoor-based activities that allow the participant to enter into complex natural systems. It’s like an experiment; you set up the parameters, ratios, and participants and let them create the experience. Each participant takes with them their own meanings and each time it is a bit different.

This interactive workshop will allow you to dive into and experience the complex process of Light Energy for Food Production. This experience is an incredible launching pad into a variety of topics such as carbon sequestering, air pollution, and the importance of urban green spaces and large tree planting projects. You will have a chance to experience an Ecological Macro Model, share your thoughts and feelings, and learn more about macro models and how they can be used in your teaching and learning journey towards Ecological Consciousness.

Location: Room 5 - Workshop
Date: 04/10/2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Lisa Stobe