Planning best practice education and engagement projects

This workshop will step you through how to plan your next education and engagement project using best practice principles. You will become familiar with an easy and freely available project plan template you can use to plan, manage, evaluate and promote your next project. Using ‘Right from the Start!’ will give you the confidence to design projects that not only educate the community, but also empower them to become active citizens in caring for our environment. Key elements include identifying real benefits for the environment AND your target audience, and using a ‘program logic’ or ‘outcomes hierarchy framework’. An outcomes hierarchy framework is an important monitoring and evaluation tool for sustainability education and engagement projects and shows the logic of a project by demonstrating how your activities will achieve your project’s outcomes and how this will be monitored and evaluated.

‘Right from the Start! A guide to planning your best practice sustainability education & engagement project’ is a new resource that has been developed by the Australian Association for Environmental Education NSW Chapter (AAEE NSW). It has been road tested by sustainability educators across NSW as part of a recent capacity building project, and has been shared through 13 free full-day workshops in February-March. Despite this we believe a short workshop or presentation at the NSW EE Conference would provide benefit to a wide range of delegates with roles including project planning and education. Testimonials from previous attendees include:

  • “The workshop gave me practical steps to follow when planning a project”- State Government Officer
  • “Right from the Start is a great tool to use with stakeholders to determine project direction”- Local Council Officer
  • “Very informative and useful for designing programs” – Not-for-profit Sustainability Educator
  • “The workshop provided me with useful and comprehensive tools”- Environmental Consultant
  • “It helps plan the project with the end game and outcomes in mind”- State Government Officer

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Location: Room 5 - Workshop
Date: 04/10/2019 Time: 11:30 am - 12:15 pm Sue Martin Melissa Sellen Jem Hansen