Return to sender: using a behavioural approach to reduce food waste in schools

Every year in Australia, we throw out over 5 million tons of food uneaten. This comes with an annual bill of $20 billion. Yet when surveyed, most Australians say that they hate wasting food and try hard to avoid it. How can we address this gap between attitudes and action, and urgently reduce food waste?

And how can schools be a part of this action?  While sustainable school programs across Australia typically deal with food waste through on-site composting and worm farms, little or no work has been done to tackle food that is wasted uneaten by students.  BehaviourWorks Australia surveyed students and parents to better understand food waste from their perspective and to design interventions that reduce food waste in schools.

This presentation reveals some of insights from this study and presents a real-world case study of the value of behavioural thinking to environmental practitioners and educators to better engage different communities and groups.

Location: Room 2 - Presentations
Date: 03/10/2019 Time: 10:15 am - 10:40 am Mark Boulet