Sustainability and Student Wellbeing

Since 2008, Sustainability Victoria through the ResourceSmart Schools program has engaged over 1400 schools, helped to avoid over 75,000 tonnes of GHG and saved schools over $26 million. The program provides an online EMS, sustainability framework consisting of five modules, reward and recognition program and face to face facilitation. In addition to the savings, the ResourceSmart Schools team had also received feedback that the program also benefited school culture and student wellbeing.  In October 2018 the Australian Centre for Education Research were engaged to conduct research into the student wellbeing benefits of the ResourceSmart Schools program. Over 2200 students from 123 ResourceSmart Schools participated in the survey. From the research, there was a small but statistically significant link between student wellbeing and this sustainability education program, with the Waste and Biodiversity modules being the strongest contributors. In addition to the survey results the most rewarding feedback on the program was received directly from students

‘It makes me feel a bit more certain about my future because sometimes I worry. If all schools did what we did it would make a huge difference.’ (Year 8 student)

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Location: Room 1 - Snapshots
Date: 03/10/2019 Time: 10:30 am - 10:40 am Cyrelle Field