Sustainability and environmental education are at the heart of why Environment Education Victoria (EEV) exists as an organisation. In 2018, EEV committee and staff were alarmed to hear the Victorian State Opposition’s intention to remove sustainability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and engaging with Asia as cross-curriculum priorities if elected.

EEV acted by engaging a graphic designer and campaign strategy consultant in the planning and delivery of positive advocacy campaign #sustainabilitybelongs. EEV used a combination of direct advocacy, and engaging, informing and mobilising the environmental education sector to join with their own advocacy initiatives. A round table stakeholder event was hosted to gather momentum and include our community in the planning phase. The campaign message #sustainabilitybelongs was spread via Facebook posts, e-newsletters, direct emails and Instagram posts. Each message asked our stakeholders and community to support the campaign by sending a letter to Shadow Ministers for Education and Environment and to leave a picture and message on our Do Gooder site.

EEV commissioned the design of a campaign poster to accompany the message. This powerful image explains how sustainability weaves through all subject areas. This fresh, inviting design was extremely well received. During the campaign it was used in social media posts and on the campaign website. Beyond the campaign, EEV has taken the campaign materials to events across Victoria due to its broad appeal. We’re using it in multiple formats including posters, postcards and game cards, and across social media. We’re pleased with the ongoing impact; the materials produced for our advocacy campaign have become a resource for Victorian teachers. It gives teachers a way to talk about sustainability with their colleagues in a way that is not overwhelming.

Location: Room 2 - Presentations
Date: 03/10/2019 Time: 2:25 pm - 2:50 pm Nicole Butler Dominique Dybala