Dr Annette Sartor

Annette Sartor works in higher education. Her research interests include university/community partnerships, service learning/community engagement, teacher education, children’s place based identity and participation, and sustainability. She works as a Lecturer and Acdemic Course Advisor in the School of Education at Western Sydney University. Annette is currently researching the impact of teacher education service learning programs on the educational and social outcomes of primary school aged children.

Annette has taught in a number of areas in higher education including service learning/community engagement, educational psychology, child and adolescent development, sociology of education, adult learning and science at University of Western Sydney, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology. She has worked with learners of all ages including children in secondary schools as a science teacher and in primary schools conducting environmental education programs with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Annette also has some teaching experience in Indian and English schools.

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