Prof. Dennis Foley

Doctor Dennis Foley is Gai-marigal well known and valued for his intrinsic knowledge of his Mothers Country. Professor Foley is a highly valued member of the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce’s team providing knowledge and guidance in the delivery of all projects. Dennis researches and teaches across numerous academic fields related to Indigenous Australians. His main research focus is towards the emerging discipline of Indigenous enterprise and entrepreneurship. He currently teaches at the University of Canberra in Australia and Bhutan.

Prior to joining the tertiary education sector, Dennis held middle to senior management positions within the banking and finance sector. Dennis has written units of study at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, including Indigenous Politics, Land and Culture, Aboriginal Literature and Language.. He has also owned and created several small businesses enterprises in the services and retail industry.

In line with his key research focus, Dennis wrote the first Australian university course in Indigenous Entrepreneurship.

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